About us

With Powerworks you have what it takes.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve become a leader in putting powerful, extraordinary tools and equipment within reach of the ordinary man.  Our focus has always been on building powerful tools anyone can use that are easy to maintain and easy to own. Our customers trust us to give them more than enough tool to get the job done so they can be confident and stand a little taller. We’re bold and open, never stuffy and elitist.


Powerworks is a rugged, bold brand of tools that give normal people the power to get things done. No cords, no fumes, no hassle - just clean raw battery power.


Powerworks takes the business of creating powerful tools seriously in order to make serious tools.  We have perfectly engineered our batteries to provide you with the power of a comparable gas product so you can get the job done fast the first time.


Powerworks wide range of products from 20V to 60V is up for any challenge, from drilling a small hole in the wall, to cutting down a fully-grown tree in the woods, to mowing an entire city park. Within each voltage range there’s an ever-growing variety of tools you can use with the same battery.

About us - Powerworks