About us

With Powerworks you have what it takes.

Powerworks is a new and rapidly growing brand for cordless garden tools established in 2016. We have been working with battery gardening solutions since the very start, which equals to reliable performance. Our high degree of knowledge with the most sophisticated and energy efficient technology makes us leaders within the field as well as respectful on the road to a sustainable future.

Our products are designed to give infinite adaptability and satisfy the most demanding needs. We change the market with versatile battery power to tackle all challenges in and around your garden. No cords, no fumes, no hassle - just clean raw battery power. We are doers that make tools for doers that use tools. Go ahead and get it done – no excuses.


Powerworks gives you cutting-edge battery technology, optimised motors and ergonomic design. Powerworks is also leading the way when it comes to environment, health and safety.


Powerworks has unusually strong voltage ranges and from 60V our products outperform their petrol counterparts. Charge one battery while you use the other and nothing can stop you.


Powerworks wide range of products from 40V to 82V is up for any challenge, from drilling a small hole in the wall, to cutting down a fully-grown tree in the garden, or lawn mowing an entire city park. Within each voltage range there’s an ever-growing variety of tools you can use with the same battery.

About us - Powerworks