60V Bike Handle String Trimmer

60V Bike Handle String Trimmer PD60BCB

Powerworks combined Bike Handle String Trimmer and Brush Cutter allows the operator to carry out professional maintenance of larger properties without being constrained by where the nearest electrical plug is. It has a DigiPro Brushless motor which gives better performance, longer runtime and lower noise levels. The integrated Bike Handle Grip gives the user an increased amount of safety along with a more ergonomic working position, which makes it easy to maneuver during use and stretches the opportunity to use it anywhere. The PD60BCB has a guard to protect the operator from throwing objects and a double line diameter of 2 mm bump feed to gently access all areas of the property. This String Trimmer offers an including brush cutter blade for trimming thicker grass as well as a harness to reduce strain on your arms.

Cutting width
35 cm with trimmer line and 25 cm with saw blade
Line diameter
2 mm
Line feeding system
Dual line
6,6 kg
Sound pressure
80 dB
Sound power level
91,91 dB

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