Batteries are the future.


The market for battery powered tools has increased extremely during the last couple of years. But are battery powered products better than traditional gardening tools?

Absolutely! Battery power is so advanced that almost every petrol driven product has a battery powered counterpart that offers a better power to weight ratio. But there are many more advantages with battery powered tools. Compared to petrol-driven tools battery powered equipment has a zero-emission rate. This is not only much better for the environment, but you are also no longer exposed to toxic fumes when using your products. Battery powered tools offer a great convenience for the user as no priming and choke is needed. You also don’t need to worry about pulling the cord whenever you want to start your products. Annoyed by the annual maintenance of petrol-driven tools? Battery-driven tools don’t need it. Battery products are usually much lighter, more compact and are easier to transport. Thanks to a low noise level and the low vibrations you can finally enjoy gardening.


Are battery powered tools too expensive? The initial outlay for a battery product may be higher than for a gas driven counterpart, but you should consider that it will cost almost nothing to recharge, while petrol-guzzling engines are always thirsty for fuel. Over the total lifespan of a petrol product, the fuel is a highly significant cost. If you take this into consideration you will reach the break-even point for the slightly higher initial investment in no time. Another important fact is that battery products require almost no maintenance. That’s right. No cleaning or oiling, no replacement parts or filters, and none of the endless tinkering that petrol engines demand.


At Powerworks we have been developing battery-powered equipment from day one. Our products are powerful, thoughtfully designed and built to last. The Powerworks family of tools use powerful lithium-ion batteries that are built to meet all challenges in your garden, effortlessly. Designed to provide instant power, versatility and convenience for any job, from occasional use to all-day labor. Our battery packs have a battery management system (BMS) that controls the battery and communicates with the product and charger to ensure the most efficient performance and a long life.


Powerworks wide range of products from 24/48V to 82V is up for any challenge, from drilling a small hole in the wall, to cutting down a fully-grown tree in the garden, or mowing an entire city park. Within each voltage range there’s an ever-growing variety of tools you can use with the same battery. The higher the voltage in a product, the more max power you get. A higher voltage requires less current (lower amps), resulting in less heat created and less unused power lost to heat. It also places less stress on the battery, resulting in a longer life.

Chainsaw in forrest

The market is about to change to versatile battery power – go ahead and be part of the change. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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