24 / 48V String trimmer

Powerworks 24/48 String Trimmer

The Powerworks 48V String Trimmer allows you to carry out jobs around the garden and allotment without being constrained by where the nearest electrical plug is. The integrated loop handle gives the user a choice of working positions, which makes it easy to manoeuvre anywhere. The P48ST8 has a guard to protect the operator from throwing objects, and a bump feed. Additionally it has a line diameter of 2,0 mm to gently access all areas of your garden.

33 cm cutting width
Dual lines with bump feed
Split shaft for easy storage
Cutting width
33 cm
Line feeding system
Bump feed
Line diameter
2,0 mm
Run time (2Ah)
< 24 min
Run time (4Ah)
< 48 min
Run time (6Ah)
< 72 min
3,1 kg

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