60V Cordless Pressure Washer

60V Battery Pressure Washer PWDC60

Our battery powered pressure washer is a portable, easy-to-store and a compact product design with detachable water tank. It has a built-in motor unit and water tank for a space saving solution along with 70 bar cleaning power with jet spray making it perfect to use for mobile cleaning. This pressure washer is perfect for cleaning the grill or bikes. Thanks to high flow rate of 300 l/h along with the number of included accessories you will seek for additional dirt to eradicate!

Multifunctional Spray Washer for off-site cleaning around the House.
Portable, compact product design with built in water tank that is easy to store within the home
Max. water inlet temperature
40 Celcius
Max. rated flow
300 l/h
Motor power
Hose length
6 m
Max. pressure
70 bar

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